How Shipdude works with Shopify

Purchase label

  1. Install the “Shipdudeship” application to your Shopify store and sign up to the Shipdude web application, if you don’t have an account already
  2. Login to the application using the credentials. The application will automatically pull a list of all the unfulfilled orders from your Shopify store
  3. Navigate to the “Orders” page and select any one or multiple order from the list of orders displayed
  4. Click on the “Buy Label” option
  5. Select the “From Address” from the drop down menu or type in the “From Address”
  6. Enter/Verify the “Ship To” address
  7. Enter the details of the Package and click “Next” to proceed to the USPS mail service selection
  8. A list of all the available USPS mail services will be displayed from which you can select your preferred choice (Cheapest and Fastest will be indicated)
  9. Rates will be calculated based on USPS mail service selected and you can make the payment through Account funds or Cards
  10. Add or use the existing cards for the making the payment
  11. Once payment is completed, the label will be generated and can be printed directly or downloaded and printed or shared to anyone as a link

Refund label

  1. Created labels can be refunded if there is something wrong with the label information or the label is not used by you
  2. To refund a label, navigate to the “Label History” menu and click on the “Refund” option for the label you wish to refund
  3. Label will be refunded and the amount paid for the label will be refunded to your card or account based on the payment method used for the payment